the democratization of haute cuisine

Market cuisine, tradition and avant-garde, together with a perfectionist aesthetic, are ‘the conjunction’ from the author's point of view, reflected in these two proposals: For noon, a 5-step urban menu, at an affordable price; at night a 7-step tasting, at a reasonable price.

Lunch menu


Confited Dolphinfish with gently smoked ali oli potatoes and pickles & almonds vinaigrette

Sparkling: Cava. Brut Nature

Broccoli cream with bacon crunchy chips and Stilton ice-cream

Rosé: La Vieille Fermé. Valle del Ródano

Blackfish with red curry -zucchini ragout and light sauce of coconut & kafir lime

White: Perelada Collection. Empordà

Black pork with corn and mushrooms musslin, pumpkin pesto and bitter orange oil (*)

Red: Sierra Cantabria. Rioja

Wild fruits crumble with white chocolate and rooibos

Sweet wine: Enrique Mendoza. Moscatel

35€ Set Menu

25€ wine pairing

(*) Optional. Cheese plate 12€ p/p

Tasting dinner menu


Matured iberian pork, melon from vilaranca, palo and piparras

Sparkling: Cava. Brut Nature

Aromatic herbs cream with fermented mushrooms ice-cream and mahonés cheese

White: Perelada Collection. Empordà

Guinea fowl pelmeni with slightly smoked caulifower, foie gras and red cranberry oil

Rose: La Vieille Fermé. Valle del Ródano

Mediterranean tuna with glutinous rice, plankton cream and algae & shiitake consomè

White: Alberte. Ribeiro

Veal with green pepper musselin, topinambour ragout and air of Malbec (*)(**)

Red: Sierra Cantabria. Rioja

Our cheesecake with raspberries

Chocolate with lichis sorbet and black sesame

55€ Set menú

25€ wine pairing

(*) Optional. Pigeon 7€

(**) Optional. Cheese plate 12€ p/p


Our wine selection has been carefully crafted; promises a good accompaniment to our dishes, both in the lunch menu and in the evening tasting.

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