Special sensations

Author of his kitchen

"The most productive work comes out from the hands of a happy man"

Victor Pauchet

Our proposals, new taste sensations

Our proposals

Our menus are, in essence, the summary of the experiences lived by Adrián, between Mallorca, London, Paris and Moscow, along with some of the best chefs on the international scene.

5-step tasting menu

An urban five-course menu at an affordable price.

7-step tasting menu

A singular tour of flavors through seven steps, at a reasonable price.

The wines

A careful selection of wines with which to accompany our dishes.


The Chef

Born in Buenos Aires with Majorcan blood and family, he is passionate about the island and its cuisine. In fact, his first job in restoration was in Majorca when he was very young.

After a decade succeeding in the difficult and saturated dining scene in Moscow, Adrian returns to Majorca to offer his enriched, expert and international gastronomic vision, always with a Mediterranean filter .

Solid proposals to enjoy through our senses, with the intention to democratize haute cuisine bringing it to everyone.


Symbiosis between learning and evolution

A good project can stay in a simple 'thought' if you don't have the enthusiasm, professionalism and confidence of a great team to make it happen. They are the basic ingredients.