the democratization of haute cuisine

Market cuisine, tradition and avant-garde, together with a perfectionist aesthetic, are ‘the conjunction’ from the author's point of view, reflected in these two proposals: from Tuesday to Friday lunchtime, a 5-step urban menu, at an affordable price; in the evenings and on Saturday lunchtime a 7-step tasting, at a reasonable price.

5-step menu

From Tuesday to Friday (lunch)

Seliodka pod shuboy with herring roe, spiced wallnuts and horseradish & sour cream powder

Brussel Sprout with marinated duck and fermented pear ice cream

Cod with “callos tortilla“, parsley air and olive oil

Iberian sirloin with black pudding agnolotti, parsnips and cherry juice (*)

Coconut with Thai green curry of papaya and frozen rice with kefir lime leaves

55€ Set Menu

30€ wine pairing

(*) Optional. Cheese plate 20€ p/p

7-step menu

From Tuesday to Saturday (dinners), and Saturdays (lunch)

Egg-Squid-Bacon. One for all and all for one!

Borsch 2024 with marinated venison

Slighty smoked Albufera rice with chestnuts, veal sweetbread “sarmiento” style and emulsion of persimmons

Scallop with an hollandaise of oysters and aromatics, white asparagus and ragout of morel mushrooms in sherry

Suckling pig with prunes and cocoa mole, Morita pepper oil and kefr milk air (*)(**)

Coconut with Thai green curry of papaya and frozen rice with kefir lime leaves

Cheese pancake and bitter chocolate with corn and licorice

85€ Set menu

35€ wine pairing

(*) Optional. Pigeon 18€

(**) Optional. Cheese plate 20€ p/p


Our wine selection has been carefully crafted; promises a good accompaniment to our dishes, both in the lunch menu and in the evening tasting.