the democratization of haute cuisine

Market cuisine, tradition and avant-garde, together with a perfectionist aesthetic, are ‘the conjunction’ from the author's point of view, reflected in these two proposals: from Tuesday to Friday lunchtime, a 5-step urban menu, at an affordable price; in the evenings and on Saturday lunchtime a 7-step tasting, at a reasonable price.

5-step menu

From Tuesday to Friday (lunch)

Coconut & shrimp cold cannelloni with red curry and cashewnuts consomme

Our potato tortilla with squid and seaweed

Confited doplhinfish with olives “pansidas”, “Tap de Cortí” Parmentiere and almonds & capers vinaigrette

Ox autumn ragout with parsnips, boletus mousse and sawdust of toasted hazelnuls (*)

Spiced pistachios sponge cake with Mahalabia cream and frozen pomegranate

55€ Set Menu

30€ wine pairing

(*) Optional. Cheese plate 20€ p/p

7-step menu

From Tuesday to Saturday (dinners), and Saturdays (lunch)

Vegetable vitello tonnato with smoked eel… As if we make a vitello tonnato without vitello nor tonnatto

Cured poultry egg yolk, foie gras with duck and prawns ravioli, its consommé and fermented apple granita

Tender lamb Garam Masala style with “Bombita” rice of lychees, aromatic herbs yougurt and bergamot essence

Lemon fish with Tramuntana`s lemons, roasted cashew nut muslin with wild Voatsiperifery pepper and caramelized hibiscus fowers

Suckling veal marinated in seaweed, pickled peach and oloroso juice (*)(**)

Spiced pistachios sponge cake with Mahalabia cream and frozen pomegranate

Morello cherry with poppies, mahones cheese and chocolate with smoked chili

85€ Set menu

35€ wine pairing

(*) Optional. Pigeon 18€

(**) Optional. Cheese plate 20€ p/p


Our wine selection has been carefully crafted; promises a good accompaniment to our dishes, both in the lunch menu and in the evening tasting.